Herbs that Lower Blood Pressure
Some herbs have active ingredients that bring health benefits.

For high blood pressure:
In the form of an infused tea, try a combination of hawthorn, lime blossom, nettles, and motherwort three times a day.

Blood Pressure Lowering Herbs

Garlic - a very well known flavoring agent has long been known as a great herb for high blood pressure.
Hawthorn - is a special type of herb that increases the flow of blood and helps in reducing high blood pressure. When taking hawthorn, use it in the form of a tea and drink one to two cups a day to treat your high blood pressure.
Lime blossom is another great herb for high blood pressure. Simply take the blossom and infuse it into a tea and drink one cup of the tea each day. You’re sure to notice a difference in your blood pressure within one to two weeks.
Saffron - great for lowering high blood pressure. You can use saffron to season your foods or you can even use it to enhance your tea. Daily use of saffron can make a big difference in your blood pressure levels.
Turmeric – is an antioxidant and improves blood flow, strengthening blood vessels. It’s high in potassium.
Ginkgo Biloba - improves blood circulation and dilates arteries, reducing blood pressure.
Ginger Root - acts to improve blood circulation and relaxes muscles surrounding blood vessels. Olive Leaf- olive leaf extract helps in lowering blood pressure and combats arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat.

Herbs High in Vitamin C

Please Note:
As always, before taking any herbs for high blood pressure you should consult your doctor to see if they will interact with any prescription medications you may already be taking and don’t stop taking blood pressure medications without first discussing it with your doctor. It is very important to find out any drug interactions if any.

How can spices and other ingredients help lower blood pressure?
When added to dishes, tasty spices and herbs often reduce the need to use more salt.
Such things as peppers, chilies, garlic, mustard, olive oil lemon, lime, saffron, vinegar and wine are all very effective.

A smart option for anyone is to replace all animal fats with polyunsaturated fats like vegetable oil – ideally use cold-pressed olive oil. This is particularly important for those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Please email me, as I'd love to include one or two great 'salt free' recipe gems in the near future.
Salt free food doesn't have to mean 'bland'. The internet is awash with general recipes for just about everything, but if you happen to have one that the world needs to try, then let's include it.





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